Women In Wearables


An evening dedicated to the innovative work of women in hardware and the wearable technology industry.

Please join us on March 5th at StartupHouse in San Francisco as we showcase the work of 4 women making a statement in the wearable market.

Wearables are rapidly evolving from single-function, hard-to-connect, dumb devices to what we believe will be increasingly become multifunction, always-connected, smart/aware devices. The market for such technology — including smartwatches, fitness monitors, shoes and headsets — could according to the experts jump tenfold to as much as $50 billion in the next two to three years.

This will be a relaxed, casual and informative evening for sharing experiences. The presentations will be about how the speakers faced challenges and overcame them. They will share insights about working in the industry and each will give a forecast for the future of the wearable industry. After sharing their experiences the speakers will then all join a panel that will be open for questions from the moderator and the audience.

 Event hashtag: #wearabletech

The event is hosted by StartupHouse. They offer a shared-desk workspace for entrepreneurs, early stage startups and their teams. StartupHouse is located at 934 Howard St San Francisco, right at the intersection of Mary St that we share with TechShop and Tempest Bar. The building used to be the headquarters of Good Vibrations, so we like to think we are continuing on with making some Good Vibes.


Laura Kassovic, CEO and Founder of mbientlab @LauraKassovic



CEO and Founder of mbientlab, former design engineer at Intel, entrepreneur, Embedded Systems Engineer (Hardware and Firmware Guru), designer. Self avowed shoe hunter, Laura will talk about her latest wearable device called the Cubit. Cubit is Smart & Simple Wearable Technology. You can stay connected with friends and events and stop searching for your smartphone all the time. Customize your Cubit with fun Color and Styles. She will touch on device prototyping, testing and manufacturing, trends with BLE, life logging and the quantized self.


Carrie SiuButt, Head of Business Operations at Lumo Body Tech @lumobodytech


Carrie is an entrepreneur with experience in finance, customer support, human resources and operations.  As Head of Business Operations at Lumo Body Tech, she will discuss the operational aspects of running a wearables business and the launch of the successful Lumo product line in retail. Palo Alto-based Lumo BodyTech just revealed its second product the Lumo Lift, which is shaking up the wearable tech space with a stylish and radically different design for tracking posture and activities, helping people to look and feel great!

Rebecca Padnos Altamirano, Co-founder of OneCord @onecord

Rebecca is a social entrepreneur, educator, innovator and mom of 3 little boys.  She co-founded Tangelo, a design and development company that combines technology and art to build innovative products. Tangelo is located in Silicon Valley, Argentina, Mexico and Ecuador.   Tangelo incubates products and companies including Interesante and her latest venture, OneCord, a wearable communication device that helps people stay connected to the most important people in their lives.  Rebecca is a national board certified teacher and was part of the founding team at Stanford Schools Corporation where she built academic programs, partnerships and was in charge of fundraising. For the last five years, Rebecca has worked in product development for technology startups helping launch mobile applicationsin the health and entertainment fields.  Rebecca earned a graduate degree from the Stanford School of Education and graduated from Wellesley College. She was a recipient of the prestigious Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, a one-year grant for independent study and research, and she traveled throughout the Andes Mountains of South America studying weaving and gaining fluency in Spanish.


Winnie Yu, Principal and Director of Development at Flextronics Lab IX @yu_winnie

Winnie.jpg  Winnie is a manufacturing and product development expert who champions entrepreneurship. She is a principal and director of development for Lab IX, an accelerator program of Flextronics, created in 2013 to support start-ups as they navigate the unique challenges of successfully launching and scaling new hardware products. Prior to joining Lab IX as a hardware investor, she worked in research and development, and product development at Western Digital and SVTC Technologies, and is heavily involved with a wide range of startups in the semiconductor, hardware and big data sectors.  She has developed products in a wide range of markets including biotechnology, solar, microelectronics systems, optical waveguides, high voltage devices, and hard drive and data storage systems. An inventor who holds eight patents, Winnie has a Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. As a true adventurer, she enjoys hiking, skiing and traveling in her free time.



Jim Myrick, Co-founder-Partner at Serious Fun AB

Jim.jpg  Jim is the Chief Innovation Officer for Swedish telecommunication design and engineering firm Serious Fun AB. Jim is an experienced entrepreneur having co-foundered a number of successful startups, many in San Francisco. He is considered a pioneer in computer graphics and children’s edutainment having developed best selling software based on world famous brands like Hello Kitty, The Simpsons, SpongeBob and the Peanuts gang. Jim has lead teams that developed the world’s first children’s subscription web site for Disney and patented real-time animation technology. Myrick considers one of his career highlights having the opportunity to meet the Dali Lama along with Peter Gabriel in Paris at the Amnesty International Concert he produced to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As part of the US team at Serious Fun Jim develops community out reach programs and events in concert with Silicon Vikings mobile special interest group including the upcoming Now Moment Conference in April at Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale and the 2-day retail CodeFest that focuses on the mobile consumers intent and the in-store retail environment.

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Wed, March 5, 2014
6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
(GMT-0700) US/Pacific

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