About Silicon Vikings

Silicon Vikings is a 45,000+ network that connects Nordic and Baltic Innovation with Silicon Valley and vice versa. We are a non-profit organization that has been headquartered in Silicon Valley since 1997 with nodes throughout the Nordic and Baltic region, the New Nordics, and we act as a bridge between regions.

We facilitate various events, mentorships, and company connections in the cross-section between Silicon Valley and the New Nordics.

We offer an extensive library of resources for entrepreneurs within each ecosystem in our operating regions which we further support with podcasts and relevant ecosystem reports. Among our flagship offerings are panel events, pitching competitions, and hackathons.

Branding the New Nordics as leaders in innovation is a core part of what we do through our events, publications, and social media activities.
Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, comments on what the Nordic ecosystem should do differently and uses Silicon Vikings as a positive example of how to build missing connectivity