Liga Hoy

Liga is a Senior Manager at Franklin Templeton Investments in San Mateo, California. Ms. Hoy holds a Masters of International Economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 1997 and an undergraduate degree in Quantitative Economics from Stanford University. Ms. Hoy has worked as a transfer pricing economist since 1998 both with the U.S Treasury - IRS and OTP on IRC 482 transfer pricing policy initiatives and negotiating Unilateral and Bilateral APAs -- as well as with Ballentine Barbera Group - CRA consulting on both IP planning and litigation support for high technology multinational enterprises and trade-related transfer pricing initiatives for certain WTO organization member countries. Prior to joining Franklin Templeton in 2008, Ms. Hoy was Director of Transfer Pricing at Barclays Global Investors. Liga is also a former Honorary Consul in the San Francisco Bay Area for the Republic of Latvia.