Baltics Final

Date: 26 May 2023
Location: Latitude59, Tallinn, Estonia

Silicon Vikings' baltic FINAL

Exciting news from Tallinn! The New Nordics Pitch Competition has scouted and discovered an outstanding startup from the L59 Pitch Competition to represent the Baltics in the Grand Final during the Slush Week 2023! Among a pool of highly talented startups, our Baltic winner, Flowstep, has emerged victorious and earned their spot to compete in the Grand Final.
With the opportunity to showcase their groundbreaking ideas and innovations, our Baltic champion is set to impress investors and stakeholders at the New Nordics Pitch Competition Grand Final. Flowstep already won a drool-worthy and remarkable € 600,000 investment prize when winning the Latitude59 Pitching Competition!

We can't wait to witness the brilliance and entrepreneurial spirit of our Baltic representative in November. Let's cheer them on as they embark on this incredible journey to leave their mark on the global startup ecosystem! 

2023 Baltic winner


Matt Clannachan, the visionary founder of Flowstep, the Baltics' triumphant winner this year! His groundbreaking AI-powered platform revolutionizes workflow automation for businesses, unlocking unparalleled efficiency and productivity. As the Baltics' proud representative for the Grand Final during Slush Week 2023, let's rally together, show our support, and cheer on Matt to victory. 

2022 Baltics winner

Ender Turing

Last year's Baltic winner, Olena Iosifova, amazed the industry with her AI technology company's revolutionary call analysis solution for public sector and enterprises. Her real-time insights enhanced customer experiences and earned them a spot at the prestigious Grand Final during the Slush week 2022.

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