Iceland Final

Date: 26 May 2023, Iceland Innovation Week
Location: at Groska, Reykjavik, Iceland​​​​​​​ 

Silicon Vikings' icelandic winner

Congratulations to the Icelandic winner of the Iceland Final, held during the Iceland Innovation Week at Groska, Reykjavik! After fierce competition amongst the best startups in Iceland, Esports Coaching Academy emerged victorious, earning the title of the Icelandic representative for the New Nordics Pitch Competition Grand Final.
The Grand Final will take place during the highly anticipated Slush Week in November 2023. The Icelandic representative now has the chance to showcase their brilliance on the grand stage, aiming to bring home the coveted trophy to Iceland once again, just as Treble did last year.

We wish them the best of luck and look forward to celebrating their accomplishments! 

2023 Icelandic winner

Esports coaching academy

Olafur Steinarsson, the visionary co-founder of Esports Coaching Academy, powers Iceland's charge to triumph at the 2023 Grand Final. E.C.A. embrace innovation with their groundbreaking platform, fostering community and elevating young gamers' skills both online and offline. 

2022 Icelandic and grand final winner

Treble - Elevator pitch

Finnur Pind triumphed as last year's New Nordics Pitch Competition Grand Final winner with his innovative startup, Treble. Treble's cutting-edge sound simulation and spatial audio technology for digital twins and virtual worlds impressed the judges, leading them to victory in the Grand Final during the Slush week. 

After last year's exhilarating victory from Iceland, the excitement is building to see if we'll witness another back-to-back country triumph. Join us and be part of the electrifying atmosphere as talented startups battle it out for the top spot at the Grand Final 2023. 

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