Sweden final

Date: October 19, 2023 ​​​​​​​
Location: Google Stockholm, kungsbron 2​​​​​​​

Silicon Vikings' sweden final

This event gathers the finest Swedish startups to compete to represent Sweden in the Grand Final, where only the crème de la crème of startups from the regional finals will compete for the prestigious title of New Nordics Grand Champion. If you want to compete in the Sweden Final, you'll have the chance to shine on October 19. Starting in mid-August, startups can apply to secure their spot and get the chance to compete with the best Swedish finalists.
The Sweden Final event is held in collaboration with Butterfly Ventures and Google and is arranged in connection to the Butterfly Ventures demo day in Stockholm at Google. The winner will get one ticket for the Slush conference!
As an additional award our collaborator Infobip will offer one lucky startup to receive the Talk the Walk award, granting them 5,000€ in Infobip products and credits.
​​​​​​​Don't miss this opportunity of great networking!

2023 Swedish winner

Akira Science

Akira Science triumphed as the champion of the New Nordic Pitch Competition - Sweden Final. CEO Álvaro Morales López showcased their pioneering work in soft tissue engineering, providing pliable 3D-printed scaffolds for advanced medical solutions. Their innovative contributions promise to shape the future of healthcare with precision and care.

2022 swedish winner

Elonroad - elevator pitch

Last year's Swedish winner of the prestigious competition was Karin Ebbinghaus, the CEO of Elonroad – a revolutionary holistic charging solution for all electric vehicles. Through their innovative system, Elonroad brought forth a data-heavy, highly connected, and fully automatic charging infrastructure.


John Elvesjö - Managing Partner at Node.VC


Elin Elkehag Funk - CEO Vinna Ventures and Founder Stilla Inc.

The jury

Tanya Horowitz

joseph michael


Mala valroy


Our top 8 finalists that will compete in New Nordics Pitch Competition 2023 Sweden Final

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