Silicon Vikings Partners with Merck Accelerator to Bring More Opportunities to Nordic Startups

​​​​​​​August 21, 2018
by Charlotte Danielsson

Looking for a Partner?
Merck Accelerator Helps You Achieve Your Next Big Bang

Your startup needs a boost to bring it to the next level? If you’re operating in the fields of Life science, Healthcare, Performance Materials or additional search fields like Bio-Sensing and Interfaces, partnering up with Merck might be the solution. Never heard of Merck or their Accelerator? If you’re curious, want to gain access to worldwide experts and even to the Chinese market, you’ll find all the detailed information right here.

How the Merck Accelerator Works

Startups from all over the world can apply for the three month program via the Accelerator’s website. The program, which runs once a year and takes place in Darmstadt, Germany, has a clear goal: offering startups the opportunity to partner with Merck. Merck welcomes a range of teams in its brand new Innovation Center at the Merck headquarters. The teams receive funding of up to €50,000  as well as working space, mentoring from Merck’s Senior Management, and tailored coaching sessions from a network of 50,000 experts and Merck Accelerator alumni. Next year, for the first time, selected startups will have the chance to extend their stay in the Merck Innovation Hub in China.
So far, over 40 different startups have successfully participated in the Accelerator and developed their ideas. The variety in startups is huge: from those working on technology that detects malaria, to drones that improve the medical supply chain, to printed electronics. If you’d like to see an overview of the kind of startups the Merck Accelerator has already partnered up with, click here. This year, in recognition of the growing startup scene in the Nordic-Baltic region, Merck is looking for new talents here.

Where the Accelerator Comes From

In one sentence: The Merck Accelerator is a partner who wants to shape the future with you. These may sound like big words, but there’s something behind them: Merck is one of the world’s leading companies in Healthcare, Life Science and Performance Materials. Merck is also the world's oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company and has been working to advance innovation ever since its founding in 1668. Around 53,000 employees work with us to develop technologies that improve and enhance life - these include anything from liquid crystals, to biopharmaceutical therapies as cancer treatments, to cutting-edge systems for scientific research and production.
As startup talents are the driving force behind innovation, the Merck Accelerator was founded in 2015 with the aim of partnering Merck up with startups. In exchange for their entrepreneurial spirit, Merck wants to share its vast experience with startup teams and build future businesses together.

Not Just Acceleration But Strong, Sustainable Partnerships

Since quick, money-only based support doesn’t help startups in the long term, the Merck Accelerator focuses on sustainable partnerships. The program’s key lies in its ideation coaching and mentoring sessions. Additionally, after the program’s three months are up, the partnership doesn’t end: Merck continues to look for connecting points to maintain its close relationship to startups. Whether it’s by becoming a client, as was the case for the alumni Ectica Technologies (read more here), or sharing a stage on leading industry events, Merck is always on the lookout for opportunities to stay in touch.

Enter the Chinese Market

In today’s world, markets are connected, and the Merck Accelerator wants to offer its participants the best international opportunities. Startups will have access to a pool of experts from 66 different countries, so regardless of the target market, there will be at least one expert that can help. Nevertheless, China is without doubt a market with huge potential for young startups operating in the tech, Healthcare, Life Science or Performance Materials industries. From our own experience, we understand the value of having a partner that’s already settled in China before even entering the market, especially since many regulations and processes are completely different. For this reason, the Merck Accelerator offers chosen participants the chance to extend their participation in the program by joining Merck’s China Innovation Hub in Shanghai.
If getting accelerated and winning a worldwide leader as a partner sound appealing to you may want to take your chance and apply for the Merck Accelerator before the application period is over.