Norway Competition

Date: March 5, 2020
Time: 6:30-8:30PM
Location: DNB

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Thanks to our local event host

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Congratulations to our Finalists

As cities restrict car access in inner cities. Urban families depend upon year-around ebikes with weather protection, comfort and ability to transport children safely and capacity of luggage. CityQ is bridging car capabilities with ebike - making the ultimate Car-eBike
Today lead generation in B2B companies is kept in one silo: Sales & Marketing. With LeadX we empower everyone to post hot leads from warm relationships in personal networks. We are B2B SaaS that gives everyone in your organization the ability to generate leads, get recognition, and grow revenue
Pesticides have been shown to contaminate both the soil, ground and surface water, as well as decreasing soil fertility. We have developed patented technology for steaming soil as an alternative to pesticides, which increases the yield with up to 50% and doubles storage time in a sustainable way.
X Shore is revolutionizing the marine industry by providing fully electric boats: the Tesla of the sea.
SunSense technology puts you in control of your UV exposure by letting you track and monitor your accumulated UV dose in real-time. SunSense UV trackers are designed with different wearing/mounting solutions that provides excellent ergonomics and great flexibility for how it is carried on the body or attached to clothing and sports gear. Various activities can lead to uneven sun exposure of the body and the sensor can therefore be attached where you are most vulnerable.
By utilizing blockchain technology, Blockbonds (through the product SPENN) has solved one of the biggest issue within financial inclusion by creating an autonom interaction between the unbanked and the banked.  SPENN is a bank account accessible to any smartphone user. Blockbonds provides the SPENN infrastructure to partner banks